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Welcome to Trini Birds

The online photographic art gallery of the our beautiful country's bird sanctuaries!


Hello There!

My name is Kirk Davis.

Hello and welcome to my web site. I have devoted much time to this site in an effort to document the various and numerous birds that have made Trinidad their home. This website is designed to share with you my interests and knowledge of these birds. What is the use of having such valuable information and not sharing it with others? I am a firm believer that knowledge is meant to be shared with others. As I travel , I am going to add photos that I have taken of birds to this web site also. This site will contain local, migratory, and foreign birds from my photo collections.

If you are in love with Birds as i am you can join me at any time.

Bird Watching

The pleasure is all mine to bring to you the different splendid species of birds in Trinidad & Tobago. I do hope that it will intrigue you and bring joy to you as it does to me. And please keep checking back as I will be updating my site on a regular basis. Again I say, welcome! For any other information please feel free to contact me for personal tours in the islands.